APP Propane offers a variety of user friendly marketing programs to meet each customers needs for: Propane Fuel, Leased or Purchased Tanks, Quality Installations, Lower Prices, and Guaranteed/Fixed Pricing Options.

Auto-Fill for peace-of-mind propane refill service. A will-call option is available for customers who prefer to self order.

Payment methods include: 30-Day billing (OAC), Credit/Debit Cards, and even pay or budget plans.

Guaranteed price plans for a fixed price all year long, regardless of marketing changes.

Propane Tanks

APP Propane operates a fleet of modern boom trucks equipped with powerful lifting booms to allow for placing a propane tank in those hard to reach or sensitive locations. APP offers a “no charge tank swap out” program to facilitate swapping up to APP service and cost saving opportunities.

APP operates a fleet of modern boom trucks to provide fast and efficient tank installations

120 gallon tanks do not require a set back or underground piping for most installations

250 to 500 gallon tanks require a minimum of 10’ set back from buildings and property lines

1000 gallon above and below ground tanks are available for high volume installation needs.