Safety and Facts

APP Propane places safety first in all aspects of propane tank installation at customer's homes and delivering fuel into customer tanks. Each new customer receives a no charge gas system check to assure a leak free gas system.

APP Safety begins with a thorough driver and service technician training program

APP provides a no charge gas system safety inspection for each home owner. With APP, safety is always #1.

LPG industry propane resources available for detailed information found below.

APP Propane maintains the highest standards for qualified technical service and is committed to ongoing and up-to date training for our personnel. We believe safety and service go hand in hand.

Propane is a safe, reliable fuel. Like many other fuels, however, it is flammable. That means it can be dangerous if not handled properly. Remember, in order to protect you, your family and others, you must be aware of (and respect) the normal, everyday hazards around you. Propane is no exception. Your understanding of how to use your propane system safely will help your family and friends prevent accidents. The propane in your gas system is stored under pressure. While it's stored, there's no problem. But, in the unlikely event your system develops a leak (which can be caused by physical damage or deterioration) it can become dangerous. Propane burns at an even rate when properly mixed with air, as in your stove or furnace. But, if a leak occurs, a flame or spark could ignite it. If that happens, it could cause a fire or even an explosion. Although such accidents are rare, we want you to be aware of this possibility