Residential Propane

Residential Propane - APP Propane offers a variety of user friendly marketing programs to meet each customers needs for: Propane Fuel, Leased or Purchased Tanks, Quality Installations, Lower Prices, and Guaranteed/Fixed Pricing Options.

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Propane Tanks

APP Propane operates a fleet of modern boom trucks equiped with powerful lifting booms to allow for placing a propane tank in those hard to reach or sensitive locations. APP offers a "no charge tank swap out" program to facilitate swapping up to APP service and cost saving opportunities.

  • APP operates a fleet of modern boom trucks to provide fast and efficient tank installations
  • 120 gallon tanks do not require a set back or underground piping for most installations
  • 250 to 500 gallon tanks require a minimum of 10’ set back from buildings and property lines
  • 1000 gallon above and below ground tanks are available for high volume installation needs.
  • Auto-Fill for peace-of-mind propane refill service. A will-call option is available for customers who prefer to self order.
  • Payment methods include: 30-Day billing (OAC), Credit/Debit Cards, and even pay or budget plans.
  • Guaranteed price plans for a fixed price all year long, regardless of marketing changes.

Payment Options

Level Pay Plan

APP Propane’s Level Pay Plan is a 12-month payment plan of a fixed amount that is calculated by your past usage or estimated usage over the entire year. Take advantage of APP Propane’s Level Pay Plan and you will know ahead of time what your payment will be and work it into your monthly budget. You can arrange to pay it on your credit card. You will automatically receive the best price available and there are no finance charges.

Periodic reviews are made to determine whether the payment amount needs to be increased or decreased based on weather conditions, change in usage and/or balances on your account. You will be notified via statement of any changes made. With approved credit, you can qualify for APP Propane’s Level Pay Plan.

Thirty Day Account

Traditional billing is always available. Our gas service is billed by mail each month. Payments received within thirty days clear the account. Additional charges accrued for late payments.

Credit Card Payment

Charge your propane purchases on your credit card. APP Propane accepts Visa & MasterCard.

Cash on Delivery

If you prefer to pay cash for purchases, you can make arrangements with APP Propane prior to delivery.

Applications for Credit

> Application for Credit: Personal (PDF)
> Application for Credit: Non-Credit Customer Purchase Agreement (PDF)

Guaranteed Price Plan

A secure APP Propane Guaranteed Price Plan fuel contract allows you to contract for your gas at a fixed price during the low cost summer months. Applications are accepted for this program from June 1 through September 30 each year.